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SEO Consulting Service

More than capable of doing the grunt work yourself but don’t know where to start? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We offer a personalized comprehensive SEO consultation service that will outline exactly what you need to do and how to start doing it

SEO is an active process

SEO Consulting

Build a trustworthy website, win the heart of search engines, earn top ranking positions in Google and Bing and drive more traffic.

With billions of websites available on search engines, how are you going to stand out in that crowd? Optimizing a website requires great effort and the know how to achieve your SEO goals. Search engine optimization can be an overwhelming task which requires the right guidance if you are willing to put in the work..

Take a deep breath!

Our in house SEO consultants with years of hard earned experience are ready to help. We can help create a complete personalized SEO plan or outline; it doesn’t matter if you’re just starting or, if you’re stuck. We will identify the problems that you are experiencing and provide recommendations on how to overcome them. We follow only white hat SEO practices and look at everything from On-page optimization, landing page optimization, conversion optimization, page speed optimization, content optimization and much much more. We create the plan and help you monitor it’s progress; you do the implementation.

1. SEO Audit

We perform an in-depth analysis of your website to dientiry what it is lacking and check where it needs improvement. We will suggest and prioritize the areas that need to be addressed

2. Competitor Analysis

We perform an in-depth analysis of your competitors and their current on-page optimization as well as backlinks. It's always a great idea to check your competitors since it identifies areas of improvement and helps identify their SEO strategy.

3. SEO Strategy

We device a strategy catering to your final requirements with the objectives you set as it's milestones. Based on this we will recommend various changes and work that need to be done to get your site growing

The Method To Our Madness


Based on our Audit we will provide recommendations on content changes and improvement on a page by page basis. These changes will be the roots that your vine will use to grow

5. Off-Page SEo

We create an effective SEO off-page strategy which includes link building, content creation, audience engagement and other techniques as part of the overall strategy

6. reporting

Finally, we monitor progress on a monthly basis to make sure you're on track with your SEO goals and identify areas that require improvement.

Some water here, some fertilizer there; the ideal combination

Tailored To Your Needs

Every project, every vine is unique and requires different strategies and has different problems to solve. Different vines require different things to grow, so our SEO consulting is designed to build a plan based around your strengths and weaknesses for optimal growth

Tried And True

We decided to offer these services because we run our own eCommerce stores and found no one offered similar services without costing you an arm and a leg or they tend to over promise and under deliver. All our methods are tried and true and are used every day on our own eCommerce stores. We experiment first so that you can reap the rewards. It’s so good we use it ourselves.