Who We Are

Just a group of people wanting to grow

About Us

As a team of entrepreneurs and enthusiasts, we’ve all been through the struggles of growing a small business. We created to address problems that we’ve found many small business owners can relate to. Every one of our startups or ecommerce sites were plagued with the following questions: How do we actually promote our sites online? How do we rank higher in Google, or Bing, or the dozens of other search engines out there? How, exactly, do we know if the people we are paying actually know what they are doing? How do we know that we’re not doing something that is actively lowering or harming our rankings? 

We’ve had these burning questions for years and sadly, we’ve lost a lot of money paying other companies to do SEO, to attempt to increase our organic rankings on our ecommerce stores. Over the years we’ve spent thousands on various companies that saw a small change in the beginning, but, after a few months, left us back where we started (except with a few thousand dollars short). What we ended up realizing is that no one really knows what they’re doing, and everyone was just taking wild stabs in the dark hoping for a result – on our dime! 

We’ve seen companies spamming thousands of blogs with guest posts for spammy backlinks (the after effects haunted us for years), or trying to exchange links with other companies only for us to get caught in a link wheel. And at one point, we decided enough is enough, and we started experimenting on our own. We aren’t here to do your SEO so you don’t have to (although we could) – we’re here to give you the tools and fertilizer to ensure that you know how to make your business grow. It’s about learning things ourselves and seeing what works and what doesn’t. That’s how semvine started and that’s how it always will be. 

Everything we do and try will always be things we’ve tried first, through our own experiences on our own sites. That way we know just how bad things can get, and you don’t have to experiment. Everything is still based on a theory and a hypothesis; we simply implement it based on how well it works for us.

Tried And True

We decided to offer these services because we run our own eCommerce stores and found no one offered similar services without costing you an arm and a leg or they tend to over promise and under deliver. All our methods are tried and true and are used every day on our own eCommerce stores. We experiment first so that you can reap the rewards. It’s so good we use it ourselves.